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CEP Analytics, LLC is founded by Mathematicians, Statisticians, and Biostaticians with extensive backgrounds in the areas of Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Model Validation, Survey Development, Dynamic Dashboards, Automation, Biostatistics, Meta Analysis and Epidemiology. CEP provides a suit of services performed by an experienced team of industry experts. Our extensive knowledge of industry practices provide workable solutions to our clients. We’re uniquely qualified to perform and to provide you with compelling and approval-ready results.

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CEP Analytics’s team can assist you with rigorous survey development and data analysis at any step of the process. Our survey development team will provide you with a customized approach based on your research goals, sampling frame, intended output, and of course timeline. We’ll develop a solution specific to your organization, your survey research needs, and your sector to provide statistical consulting and analysis support for the entire survey research process. At CEP Analytics, our team have vast experience with survey design and development, research implementation and data analysis.


In our biostatistics and epidemiological consulting work, at CEP Analytics we provide a customized consulting and analysis service to every client: hospitals, government agencies, academic and research institutions, private corporations, and individual investigators. Drawing on a team of highly skilled statisticians and biostatisticians. CEP Analytics offers consultations and expertise on a range of relevant areas throughout the research and clinical trial processes, including effective data safety monitoring. We do not only perform standard analysis and plot using your clinical data, but also advise when your data demonstrate peculiarities.  


Every business would like to have a platform to view and showcase its KPIs and other important metrics. In most cases this provides a tiled or graphic view of the current status as well as historical snapshots and trends. In some cases analytical insights can be integrated into dashboards and automated to update as more data becomes available. CEP Analytics currently offers services in areas such as; Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition - OBIEE, Shiny Dashboards and Excel tools, Excel tools- This is a popular tool that is used by many businesses and it is easy and can be easily distributed.

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